Why turkey has a lot to offer for international students


Turkey is a country that is strategically positioned in between a diversity of cultures. In the country, you will find a combination of European, African and Asian characteristics. The country has a lot to offer for students in many ways. Students can benefit from studying in Turkey through Education and Research, Experience and an enjoyable social life. We will take a look at why the country has a lot to offer for foreign students. High levels of education, technology and Professionalism Turkish universities provide high level specialized education in various fields. The country has adopted strategies that have pushed the education levels upwards both in terms of quality and quantity. The institutes will provide at least two years of higher education and also educate students for masters, bachelors and associates level. The scholars there are not only great but also very friendly. The content provided in the universities show equilibrium between scientific disciplines included in the humanities and social sciences. The country boasts of many centuries of academic excellence. All universities in Turkey have libraries in their campuses as well as computing facilities. All these qualities provide the best combination for high standard education and training. Experience Studying in Turkey is in itself a satisfaction. Your time there will give you an experience that you cannot gain in your life anywhere else. The experience can open up doors for the students to a more rich, professional, social and academic life. It gives you an opportunity to observe different cultures and people therefore broadening your view on other things and people. Cost of living The cost of living in Turkey is fairly low compared to that in most modern societies. Even in big cities like Istanbul, you can still find affordable food and accommodation. The country also offers significantly lower annual tuition fees. This is very important for students since most of them do not have a constant source of income. This offers a perfect opportunity to get quality education at a low cost. University-Industry cooperation In turkey, there is a link between universities and industries. Most technology development centers and techno parks have been established within the university campuses. As of 2014, there were up to 32 technology development centers operating in different universities. This curriculum design of the programs is done in such a way that gives students a chance to do their internships in firms of the related sectors. Social life There is so much to studying in Turkey than just education. There are cultural sites to visit, exhibitions and festivals to attend and a country to be explored. As an international student, joining the various clubs and student associations will help you enrich your life in Turkey. There is cultural tolerance and usually people living in big cities are open to diversity. You can go skiing, swimming or have a cultural tour just to kill the monotony of staying in class and attending lectures. If you are considering studying

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abroad, then Turkey is the place to be.

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