Vivi: Learning is a journey built from good classroom Innovation


For those who are in the field of education, the outcomes of the students are the most vital pointer of achievement. Everything rotates around boosting student learning accomplishments, including financing, proficient improvement for teachers, the usage of state-administered tests and advancement for understudies. But not only that, classroom structure significantly affects the learning results. Thus, it is something to be put into consideration. Fortunately, teachers are endeavoring in creating interactive learning spaces for various gatherings of understudies. Also, that’s what Vivi educators accomplished.

The classroom condition is a second educator for an understudy. A lot of the kid’s time is spent sitting in a school classroom. The classroom is the place they will take in the different skills and aptitudes that considered essential and legitimate for them to make progress in the global society. All things considered, the classroom being such a vital place.

The Vivi Innovation technique

With the aim of having an intelligent, community-oriented learning space for both instructor and understudy, the Vivi made classroom changes that reflect modernity – Vivi’s screen mirroring technology. They have wireless presentation solutions that give the instructors an opportunity to explore their classroom without any confinements, drawing in with both the screen and the understudies from any point in the room, expanding understudy commitment.

Understudies can exhibit their energizing plans to the whole class allowing their instructors and classmates to give their reactions and providing a great chance to strengthen learning targets and empowering every learner’s self – assurance and esteem.

Vivi makes it straightforward and simple to switch control among understudies and their instructor, taking into consideration a free-streaming proficient learning condition. Screen sharing will urge understudies to be aware, create transaction and participation aptitudes, prompting a significantly more community-oriented learning condition.

Why Choose Vivi for Learning?

Vivi can give its occupants more benefits than ever expected. With the fact that Vivi is creating interactive learning spaces,each classroom innovation coordinates its center usefulness of screen reflecting and video streaming with a heap of additional instructive highlights, all controlled from a single, user-friendly application, and oversaw at the institutional dimension utilizing an online Admin Portal. Everyone can relish upon the advantages and benefits of innovation.

  • Educators can unreservedly move around their classroom, making understudies stay connected by focusing on their particular needs while staying responsible for the screen.
  • Understudies end up dynamic members as opposed to travelers, ready to share their monitor, making the open door for quick criticism and improving their certainty.
  • IT Managers can – without much of a stretch, arrange and introduce, observed and midway overseen through Vivi’s Administration. Vivi is in a BYOD phase, enabling any gadget or working framework to associate with the school learning arrangement.

What is good in Vivi?

You can be sure never to regret taking refuge in Vivi for leaning. With their wireless presentation solutions, it makes everything easier and convenient.

  • Vivi is one for all and just for one. With Vivi, you are prepared to utilize any cell phone, PC or tablet.
  • Vivi takes into consideration the instructor to move openly around the room drawing in with understudies and is never again confined to the front of the room.
  • The capacity to effectively take the direction of the screen engages the understudies to demonstrate their work and get constant reaction and response from friends and instructors.
  • This entryway is simple for administrators to halfway deal with all record settings, room names, boxes, and client settings.
  • Play amazing recordings straight from the Vivi collector, which means the video is spilling specifically from your hard-wired web, and not backing off your Wi-Fi arrange.
  • Educational modules and e-Learning Managers will have the capacity to see the support and commitment dimensions of Vivi clients in their schools.

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