University Assignment: Five Common Mistakes to Avoid


Writing university assignment is not easy, and you may be struggling with them. Though you’re trying hard to earn good grades, constantly making mistakes that will be costing you a few valuable marks.

Generally, some greatest mistakes have nothing to do with the argument, but with errors in the writing format and structure. These are some common mistakes that numerous university student make in their assignment writing, which can be easily avoided taking a few precautions.

For this reason, we’ve listed down five common mistakes that students should avoid when writing a university assignment.

  1.    Spelling and Grammatical Errors

Though, it may seem something obvious. However, even the best students can make spelling and grammatical errors while writing their assignments.

Quite often lose valuable marks submitting their assignments with such errors. They rely on different spelling and grammatical checking software to correct any flaws in their work, but they don’t realize this software may miss out on vital errors. As a result, it leaves a bad impression on the lecturer, and students eventually loose far too many marks.

  1.    Poor Introduction

The introduction of your assignment is the most important part because it engaged the reader with the core concepts and objectives of the assignment. Your introduction must be very well-informed; focusing only on the areas that you will be discussing in the body. Many students miss out on creating outlines that help them formulate their argument.

  1.    Lack of Solid Evidence

In a university assignment writing, you are expected to use solid evidence to back up your arguments. But many students miss out on it and present their arguments without supporting evidence.

Findings and conclusions should be thoroughly analyzed and validated with statistical proofs. It will help you to bring another level of credibility and reliability for the reader. Authentic research is the best element you can integrate into your assignment. Critically analyze each point and support them with solid evidence to achieve maximum authenticity.

  1.    Unnecessary Repetition

You may have acquired precise and accurate information on the subject matter, but writing the same information, again and again, can make your entire assignment writing seem rushed and dull.

Repetition gives an impression that you haven’t got a got a good grip on the topic, and may eventually lead to a poor grade. Students write unnecessary statements to increase the word count which leave a bad impact on their work. It doesn’t leave a good impression on the lecturer which eventually results in losing valuable marks.

  1.    Plagiarism

Huge mistake students make, is directly copying ideas or words from other sources, which leads to plagiarizing. You should remember institutions have strict policies against plagiarized content, and it’s quite easy for most of them to check the plagiarism percentage through different software.

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