Top 5 Tips on How to Complete your Assignment in 3 hours


Students shudder at the thought of having to do assignments. Bated breath fills the air just minutes before the final bell rings as students wait for the teacher’s announcement on assignments.

But assignments serve the purpose of enhancing the competency of students on a subject matter. Assignments also foster discipline and commitment. While some homework can be tedious, there are ways to get it done fast.

In this article I’ll talk about five ways to complete your assignment in less than 3 hours.

Here are five tips on how to complete your assignment in three hours:

  1. Organize!

It is absolutely important to organize your study area before doing any assignment.

When you start working on an assignment the last thing you want are interruptions. Nothing throws you off from a productive session than having to stop to look for a book or a set of notes. Interruptions can be costly especially when your studies are running smoothly. Here are some useful tips for organizing:

  • Make sure your study table is clean and set up the night before.
  • Place all of the required materials and references on the table.
  • Open your books and notes to the pertinent pages.
  • Have pen and paper ready for taking down notes.
  • Organize your papers, past exams and reviewers in their respective binders or folders and have these indexed.

By staying organized you avoid wasting time. The ball is in your court the moment you open your assignment. You will either run with it for a touchdown or fumble. Organizing your study table sets a clear path to the goal line.

  1. No distractions

It doesn’t matter where you study, distractions will always lurk in every corner. Even at the library, you may come across a friend or sit beside someone who grunts a lot or reads to himself. The most ideal place to study is your own home. At least you can have a measure of control over the sources of distraction.

  • Shut off all electronics. Yes, that includes your smart phone, tablet or desk top computer. If you have to do research, use a PC which has restrictions on the sites you can visit. As far as your smart phone is concerned, keep it stored in a place which will be inconvenient for you to visit. Maybe in the basement, the attic or inside the glove compartment of Mom’s car.
  • Seek cooperation from your family. If there is a group of people who truly want you to succeed it would be your family. But it is inevitable that brother, sister, Mom or Dad may want a piece of your time. When it comes to homework time, tell them to give you three hours of space. This means no knocking on the door, phone calls and errands. Your focus should be 100% on your homework.
  1. Prioritize based on deadlines

All assignments have deadlines. Go over all of your assignments and determine which ones have the earliest submission dates. Once you have these organized, pick out the ones that are due on the same date. Then identify which one is your most difficult subject.

There are two opposing schools of thought on prioritizing assignments based on degree of difficulty. One school of thought will advise you to start with the easiest assignment because it will save more time and give you an immediate sense of accomplishment.

A second school of thought will advise you to start with the more difficult assignment because your mind is fresher and rested. Not only will you have an immediate sense of accomplishment but greater confidence by finishing a difficult subject. On the other hand, it may cost you more time.

The best answer is: It would depend on your mindset. There are those who focus on speed and would opt for the easier assignment first. Then there are those who want to get the difficult ones over and done with right away.

What is important is to find the most effective way to get the assignments done accurately and within deadlines.

  1. Break it down into components

If an assignment is complex, break it down into mini components. Work on each component until you are confident enough to move on to the next one.

While time could be a concern, understanding the subject matter or coverage is more important. Once you’ve gotten a few components down, everything else will start falling into place.

The approach is similar to learning a piece of music. You can break it down into rhythm, melody and then the more intricate parts. Once you have rhythm and melody down to the correct measure, the details of the composition will be easier to learn.

  1. Practice makes perfect

In truth the only way to develop the skills needed to complete assignments in three hours or any prescribed time is through practice.

Whenever you are handed out assignments, you must have the structure to incorporate it into your routine. One you have a schedule in place and a structure to follow, it only becomes a matter of plugging in the variables.

In time, you will develop the skills to finish your homework in three hours or less without compromising the quality of your work.

The school is the institution responsible in helping students learn and develop the knowledge necessary to get them through the years ahead. But the ability to study is a function of who the student is and how he views the value of education and getting good grades.

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