Tips To Improve Your Resume


It’s ever easy to write a powerful resume. You must always have an optimized resume if you want to get hired in 2019. It’s not just the content that must be updated, but also the format and the design.

To make potential employers notice your resume, adding a language course in your skills enough isn’t going to help. You need to work on your resume too. Here are some tips to get noticed:

improve resume

  • Write in future tense

A resume is like a marketing document. It shouldn’t be a historical record. Emphasize your credentials, work experience, and accomplishments that relate to your objective. The focus should be where it belongs.

  • Work on the readability

The language used in a resume must be comprehensive and understandable for those who will be making the decision to hire you. Don’t use contractions, phrases or terms that are unrecognizable outside a workplace. Your resume shouldn’t sound like a decoding a foreign language. Try these:

  • Get rid of all repetitive information
  • Use one font throughout the content
  • The content shouldn’t sound like a job description
  • It’s best if everything fits in one page. However, if necessary, you can expand it to two pages too.
  • Ditch the objective

Experts say that when you include an objective in your resume, you are telling employers what you from them and they don’t care to read that. Instead, include a summary section that highlights your job experience, education, and some major achievements.

  • Keep it short

Every word counts in modern resumes. So, start by quantifying your achievement. Include figure, Pounds, and percentages to add credibility to your word but don’t overdo it.

Get rid of all filler phrases such as “duties include” or “responsible for.” Whenever possible, avoid using “an” “a” and “the.”

  • Your contact information must be prominent

Add live links to your social media accounts or blogs in the resume. One email address and phone number are fine. There is no need to add a complete mailing address. Your city, state and Zip code will be enough.

  • Make the most out of the design

Tables, charts, boxes, and icons can be a valuable addition to your resume. In fact, these elements will make it stand out. You must be sure the resume design matches your industry norms. If you are a graphic designer, it makes more sense to be a little playful with the design than a software engineer.

  • Optimize it for mobile viewing

Recruiting has changed just as technology has.  You will be surprised how often your resume is viewed on mobile devices. Your resume may look lovely when it’s printed but have what about its mobile view? If it’s not optimized for mobile, an employer might discard it to begin with. Consider implementing these tips for mobile optimizing your resume.

  • Use the right keywords

Sometimes, resumes are read by a piece of software before being seen by an actual human being. These software look for specific words and phrases that are related to the industry. Employers do that to narrow down resumes and choose people from the related industry. So, don’t forget to use relevant keywords.

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