Tips for Making Your Grad Album Special and Fun Filled


Do you recall the days of yesteryears and it seems just like yesterday you steeped into your kindergarten class? Now, you are finally graduating from high school and this for sure calls for recollecting all those memories before you step into college. How about making a grad scrapbook?

Making your grad scrapbook

To document all your high school memories of special moments, which you would like to cherish forever, you can find some cool graduation scrapbook ideas. Do you know that such a scrapbook would turn out being an excellent gifting option for your best mate too and something that they would preserve throughout their lives?

Even if you already have a school scrapbook with you, you could still proceed towards making a whole album which would include moments and memories of your high school years. You can start with a small sized album and opt for a smaller format too, because every time you would not require professional senior portraits.

Start Preparing

When you start with a graduation scrapbook album, you would need to start preparing with great pictures. The best chance to collect pictures would be the graduation day. At one single time, you get everything there; hence make the most of the moment and chance that you get. Take pictures and get set to narrate stories.

You could follow the below mentioned tips while making your graduation scrapbooking:

Stay Clear

Understand what your purpose is

The very first thing you have to understand about this album is whether you are making it for your graduate or about your graduate. There are so many options to select from when it comes to choosing a topic for your scrapbook album. Family holiday, outing with friends, parties or everything about your graduate, for whom you are making this scrapbook – can be your topic.

After you have decided the purpose for the scrapbook, deciding on the content furthermore would be easier. You would click pictures likewise as you would know when and what to capture.

Stay Focused

Understand the way in which you would need to use your camera

Do check and ensure that it’s working properly in real time. If it needs to get repaired, get it done on time. Learn ways by which you can avoid ‘red eye’ problems, know how to turn off the flash and when to use it. Get the light well balanced.

Stay Ready

All that you need to stay ready with in hand

Have lots of films, extra batteries, memory card, space, and make sure that your camera is well charged too.

  1. Stay All Set and Ready On The Ball

Stay alert and know what kind of pictures you need to click

Stay set and in position to get the right clicks at the right moment! Know what and when you need to click. If anyone has tumbled, you need to stay ready before he or she gets up. Hence stay alert and constantly on the lookout for that ultimately winning shot.

Remember that candid shots are exciting and make amazing shots especially when you want to post them for your university graduation scrapbook or for any special one. Also, make sure you plan to exchange pictures with your friends beforehand so that you do not miss out on something which you were unable to click while you were busy with your friends. This way you would have a plethora of candid shots to select from, for your graduation scrapbook.

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