Tips for Increasing Your Chances of Finding Employment in Australia


Job hunting is always tough, especially when you are an Australian in the post-recession market. You may have graduated during the wrong time. You may have been laid off and now you are trying to get your career back together. In any case, here are a number of tips that will help you find your dream job (or at least a job):

Show Certification for Skills

Can you do carpentry, pottery, or coding? Then you need to show potential employers credentials for those skills. If you simply mention that you are skilled in this trade and that, employers will not readily believe you. Most want job candidates who have been tested in the skills they claim to possess. Therefore, spend a small fee to sign up for RPL courses and get the right certification. Consider it an investment in your professional future that you won’t regret.

Have Your Resume Professionally Written

If you are not a strong writer, perhaps you might want to consider getting your resume or CV written by a proper writer. How your resume or CV looks can make or break your career. This is often the document that potential employers judge candidates by. If your resume or CV is sloppily written, contains errors, and is disorganised, your application will be thrown out. Search on Google for sample resumes. Try to write yours in a similar style.

Get Connected on LinkedIn

You are not a professional in the online world until you have a LinkedIn account to show for it. Most employers actively search for job candidates on LinkedIn. This professional social network is also an excellent place to build connections that can pay off in real life. Therefore, sign up for LinkedIn to give your application even more credibility.


Though finding paying jobs is hard, finding internships is not. There are a number of companies that offer unpaid internships in a bid to save up on costs. Yes, it can be excruciating to work for no pay. However, you are working for experience. If you have zero prior job experience, or inadequate job experience, intern for a season with a reputable company. You will get a great recommendation in return that will help you secure a paying job.

Network for Friends and References

Sometimes, finding a job is all about who you know. Employers still go to their professional friends regarding job openings. Therefore, if you are a good networker in your industry, you will know about lucrative job offers firsthand. You can also make friends who can provide good recommendations for you. Therefore, go to conferences and events where the industry bigwigs hang out and start making friends.

Become a Blogger or a Columnist

If you are a graphic designer, a digital marketing agent, or a writer, you might need to do something extra to showcase your talent and trustworthiness to a potential employer. Blogging or becoming a guest columnist is a good way to create brand awareness for yourself. You can brag about your blogs and columns when you go to an interview next.

Show Up with Work Samples

Work samples are very important. So, even if a potential employer doesn’t require it, show up to the interview with a couple of your work samples. Make sure they are really good and impressive.

Follow the above tips and your chances of getting hired will certainly double or triple.

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