Tips for Choosing the Right College

  1. Location: The location of your potential college is more important than you might think. Some people excel in environments that are far away from home; they feel a sense of independence and adventure in the distance between themselves and their life pre-college. However, some people find that they excel close to home; they like being where they grew up, and thrive within this proximity. This is a personal choice. Also, things to consider with location are the weather, culture, and whether it is an urban, suburban, or rural setting. This is a difficult transition in most lives, so it’s important to consider location seriously.

  1. Academics: The main focus of college is obviously academics, so it is important to consider this when figuring out your future college destination. Do you excel in a rigorous and competitive academic environment with strict structure? Or, are you more comfortable and relaxed establishment that encourages creativity and does not emphasize structure? Also, if you know the career direction you want to take, then research the programs of perspective colleges, seeing how they measure up to give you the best education for you and your future career.
  1. Extracurricular: In conjunction with academics, college also provides an excellent environment to engage in extracurricular activities. If you are, for example, an athlete who wants to compete at the college level, then look to see if potential colleges offer this sport for you. Also, if you are interested in group joining, it might be important to you to consider an institution that has many clubs, sports, and groups to offer. Or, if you tend to focus on academics and school activities are irrelevant to you, then look for a school that de-emphasizes these types of activities and has more of a focus on what you are looking for.
  1. Social: College is an interesting and transitional time in a young person’s life, and this is especially true on a social level. For many students, this is the first time that they can socialize with each other and experience life independently from their families. Thus, it is important to match your social needs with your potential college. Some colleges emphasize social life, offering participation in social groups like fraternities and sororities and encouraging socialization among student. Other colleges are more low-key, and don’t press socialization on the students. Depending on what you are more comfortable with, this is an important thing to consider when choosing a college.
  1. Financial: Being able to afford a college is an important factor when choosing one. Look for colleges that offer scholarships, grants, and financial aid that can benefit you. Also, weight the pros and cons of choosing perhaps a less expensive public school with a more expensive private school, making sure that affordability is a factor in your decision. Although an expensive education does not have to cripple you financially in the future, it is a point worth considering when you are choosing the perfect college for yourself.

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Marcus Haney

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