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Whether you are an adult looking to build a new skill or the parent of a child whom you wish to enrich with a lifelong benefit, learning to play the piano is something that anyone can do with practice and dedication. There are many reasons why it is never too late to try the piano for the first time, especially when you consider the many additional skills that you learn naturally simply by putting your hands to the keys and following along with the sheet music. A great instructor will improve your ability exponentially and at a far faster pace than you might be able to learn alone, meaning that you benefit the most from having a professional teach you the basics and more.


Piano lessons in Singapore to sign up for are easy to find and highly cost-effective and this is one skill that will make you appear highly sophisticated simply by having it. No matter if you have no other skills, those who witness you play a difficult piece by memory will be amazed that you are so exceptional at what you do and feel as if you are a person worth spending time with and speaking to later. This is not the direct reason that any person should pick up an instrument but the piano has long been considered one of the most complex and beautiful instruments in the world, along with the violin, and you could stand to benefit from having this in your repertoire of skills to pass down to those you care for and enjoy in the future. The difference that a single new skill can make will improve your life by a wide margin if you only dedicate yourself.

Learning Instruments

If you plan to learn only one instrument in your entire life, the piano is ideal because you learn how to read both the treble and bass clef, something that cannot be done with many other instrument choices. If possible, it should be the goal of every parent to teach his or her child the use of just one instrument in life to help develop hand-to-eye coordination, improve problem solving skills, instil a sense of dedication, and otherwise make a person willing to work hard for something out of their child. A child who can play piano can pick up any other instrument and be able to follow along with the music while he or she learns to play the instrument itself.

Children who learn to play piano are also benefited because it is easier for them to go on to play additional instruments. This is because the piano requires the player to read both clefs of music, meaning that the child would be able to pick any other instrument up and be halfway there to learning how to play it. Learning to play and follow along with a sheet of music is half the battle when learning a musical skill and this is one gift that is unlikely to leave him or her even if he or she chooses to stop playing his or her instrument at some future point.


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