Six Articles Of Faith – How Teachers Can Guide Their Students


One of the most important aspects of the Quran is the Six Articles Of Faith, which every student needs to learn about.

Through recital and memorisation, students come to learn about these six articles. In order to make the lessons interactive, the best teachers will ask students questions about these articles of faith. Students are able to voice their opinions about why this matters so much.

What are the six articles of faith that are taught through memorisation and recitation?


Monotheism is the belief in only one God, rather than several. Islam teaches that it is a sin to worship other Gods, and this is explained in the text. A professional online Quran teacher must make sure that students fully understand the concept of monotheism before moving onto parts of the Quran which deal with the next pillar.


Islam teaches that Angels are the servants of God and that they carry out different duties, such as recording everything that happens on earth. Children are often excited by the concept of angels, and the teacher can help the pupil understand all the different functions of angels.

Belief In Prophets

Several prophets are written about in the Quran and they helped to spread the word of God. Muhammad was the last prophet of God, but there were others. Quran teachers tell their students about the different prophets and why they are considered important.

When the student is memorising passages from the holy book, they will learn all the names of the prophets.

Belief In The Quran As The Word Of God

Many books and scriptures are mentioned in the Quran, but teachers have to tell their students that this book is the ultimate word of God. Muslims believe that it was revealed to the final prophet Muhammed. Students will be taught this during their lessons that are delivered via Skype.

Belief In Destiny

Belief in destiny is important to Muslims and will be taught during lessons. Teachers explain the concept that Muslims believe there is a plan for everyone’s life and it is determined by God.

How Teachers Can Get The Best Out Of Their Students

Some Quran teachers are better than others, and the teachers have to be self-critical in order to improve their performance over a short period of time.

Students do not respond well when teachers are constantly criticising their performance. Instead, students should be encouraged to learn from their mistakes rather than being embarrassed by them. When pupils look forward to a lesson, they will be receptive to advise about how well they are reading and memorising the Quran. A kind teacher that engages the children will find that they have extremely receptive students who try their best when they are attending the lesson.

Teachers should always be looking for ways to improve their own techniques. The internet is the best resource for learning about brand new teaching techniques.

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