Seasoned GRE Instructors Are The Key To A Great Score


For those interested in attending graduate or business school, one important prerequisite that is overlooked until the last minute is preparing for the Graduate Record Examination (GRE). It is a standardized test used by the majority of colleges and universities during the application process to determine the likelihood of student success in the requested program. How the scores are actually used, however, varies widely from school to school. Despite that fact, you should keep in mind the results of the examination could influence whether you are accepted by your school of choice or not. Early preparation that is comprehensive and all-inclusive is the key to maximizing scoring opportunities and best achieved with under the tutelage of a seasoned GRE instructor.

The GRE is designed to evaluate the knowledge and skills of test-takers in the areas of verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, analytical writing, and critical thinking. Questions are not related to specific fields of study but, rather, reflect skills acquired during the course of earlier education. The goal is to achieve a perfect score of 340 on verbal and quantitative reasoning portions of the exam plus a six in analytical writing. The examination is conducted in a professional testing center and takes less than four hours to complete with a 10-minute break between sections one and two.

GRE preparation can alleviate many of the fears inherent in pivotal test-taking situations as well as ensure that overall test scores are as high as possible. An evaluation of options currently available for GRE preparation programs in a city like Toronto indicate that applicants with the highest success rates select companies that customize individual tutoring and/or coursework, include small intensive group structures, and are led by highly qualified professionals with between eight and ten years of test preparation teaching. This is why achieving the best score possible is only a reality if you partner up with a prep center like Quantum Test Prep — a center that can guide you through the hurdles, by helping you identify your strengths and weaknesses in relation to components of the test essential. Additionally, a professional instructor familiar with the test format and content can help fill gaps in learning and familiarize individuals with key criteria that will see that clients achieve the highest scores possible. There’s more GRE prep course information at, so why not check out your options today?

The GRE is unique in that it allows test-takers the Score Select option whereby an individual can elect to send test scores to applicant schools or to retake the test. For many people, having the option helps increase confidence on test day. When utilizing a company that specializes in GRE preparation in Toronto, the willingness to accommodate client schedules as well as provide additional instruction free-of-charge should the client wish to retake the exam should be a consideration.Quantum Test Prep has put together a number of free ways to kick start your GMAT test prep, all of which also help you get to know the staff and instructors and preview the services on offer to get you into your MBA program of choice. With the number of students taking the GRE doubling since 2012 in over 200 countries, the trend toward globalization of higher education has become apparent. For those considering pursuing higher education, preparing for the GRE with a qualified instructor should be a first step.

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