Prospects of public policy courses and how to get admission?


A career in public policy will train you to identify complex public problems and develop effective solutions for fixing them.  Public policy is defined as the set of rules which originated from constitutional regulations. It is employed to take actions by the administrative authorities of the state with regard to issues related to the society. Various subjects like Political science and Public administration deal with public and state affairs but do not focus on fixing these problems. This is where Public Policy as a subject steps in.

Public policy courses in India have become increasingly popular in the last few years and numerous students pursue a various degree and diploma courses in this genre to take up a career either in teaching or in administration. Solutions to public problems no longer rest only in the hands of the Government. Individuals from various educational and professional backgrounds are increasingly taking up courses in Public Policy and later work in various Private and public sectors to actively participate in various policy-making legacies.

Let us have a look at the numerous prospects of Public Policy courses and the ample avenues of opportunities that it provides. You can take up the following jobs after completing a course in Public Policy:

A Professor:  The best colleges for public policy in India offer a dynamic guide to students interested in learning about socio-cultural courses. After completing a masters degree in Public Policy from a reputed institution of Higher Education you can apply for an assistant professorship to teach students pursuing any course in the stream. You can guide them to learn the multifarious ways in which framing and executing numerous public policies and laws can be helpful to the well being of the society. This course also guides students towards quantitative skill building aptitude. Being a mentor, you can train young minds with a holistic approach to take a firm stance in societal maneuvers.

A Government Official: With a degree in public policy and legislation you can get employed in any government office which frames public policies. The government nowadays recruits a large number of professionals to take part in policy making strategies apart from those qualifying the civil service exams.

A Professional Consultant:  Political consultancy in India has seen a significant and glorious up-rise in the last decade. You can be hired by politicians who seek professional guidance in policy-related decisions. You can also become an active member of the political groups which frame social and human welfare agendas. With a career in public policy, you can stay a close kin to political associations despite not being a full-time political guru.

You can sit for the entrance tests that are conducted by various institutes to pursue a degree or a diploma course in Public Policy. In order to take up a 3- year graduate degree course in this stream, you need to have a minimum of 55% in your high school. The percentage of marks criteria differs according to the admission rules of every institute. If you wish to pursue a masters degree, in this course you need to have an honors degree in Public Policy. After a master’s degree, you can crack the NET examination to become an Assistant Professor and can also further pursue a research degree in this field.

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