National Institute of Education to Offer Courses on Open Online Platform


Our world today relies greatly on the sharing of knowledge and information in order to maintain uniformity of certain practices across all nations. Luckily for individuals in the field of education, the NIE will soon offer courses through an open online platform for easy access of information and knowledge, no matter where in the world you might be.

The National Institute of Education has joined forces with the US-based education provider Course a to provide educators with courses and modules that were only previously available in certain countries. With the dawn of this new information sharing platform, educators from all over the world will be able to gain access to courses that are said to focus on management and school leadership.

The movement was started a few years ago when the National University of Singapore and the Nanyang Technological Institute launched a few courses through the popular online course platform.

Many teachers and educators are excited to gain access to these new learning modules and are thankful that they can finally learn what the rest of the world knows. Because most of these educators come from far places like South America, it was near impossible for them to get their hands on relevant and timely resources that matched the global trend. Many thanks to this new innovation, they won’t have to lag behind the rest of the world anymore.

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Interested individuals will have to pay a fee to gain access to the courses, but will be granted certifications of completion by the NIE when they accomplish the tasks in each. Courses commonly include exams, quizzes, video lectures, and peer-to-peer assessments that should be completed within 6 to 8 weeks after starting the program. NUS’ courses are the most popular on the database, accumulating as much as 180,000 individuals who have signed up for the opportunity. These learners have come from over 100 different countries all over the globe, which just goes to show how hungry educators are for further training and knowledge.

With this new frontier in the world of education, it’s hard to imagine where knowledge will take us next. The National Institute of Technology plans on focusing on delivering certain courses first, but also promises to use the platform to share information on more subjects. Some of the topics already offered by the NUS and NTU are Confucian philosophy, forensic science, e-commerce, as well as many other relevant bodies of knowledge that people can use in our world today.

Users generally enjoy the flexibility of courses, as they don’t have to worry about strict deadlines and fixed hours. They can opt to accomplish tasks as their time will allow, as long as they complete courses within the allotted time period. While majority of users are happy with the experience, there are those who believe that humanities and languages should be taught in classroom settings and not over the internet. This is because subjects like these require interaction and face-to-face conversation for better understanding and transmission of information.

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