Mentoring programs have grown vastly in the past few years – an indication to the high profile they have been afforded.


The benefits

Mentees are able to gain an invaluable insight through mentoring and such insight falls beyond their own education and experience. Those wishing to excel further in a certain area will most definitely benefit from such a process, thus allowing them to surpass in their field of expertise.

Beginning a mentoring program

Designed primarily for the advantage of mentees, mentoring programs, such as mentoring programs essex encourage the individual taking part to establish specific goals and expectations prior to beginning the program.

What’s involved?

Most mentees will have constant access to a support system throughout the program, as well as an insider perspective when it comes to navigating their career goals. The mentee will also gain a clearer understanding when it comes to the improvement of career and academic plans, as well as exposure to a number of diverse experiences and perspectives.

What will you gain?

Aside from having constant and direct access to a range of sources associated with your chosen career or academic path, you’ll also be able to identify skill gaps, a lasting professional network and a greater knowledge of career success factors. All of these factors will help you to jump hurdles, gain greater skills and excel in your chosen career.

Am I ready to be a mentee?

If you believe yourself to be responsible for your career goals yet wish to receive further guidance in certain areas, then you’re ready to become a mentee. You must however be willing to take constructive criticism, have realistic expectations when it comes to time limits and make a definitive commitment to communicate with your mentor on a regular basis. You may have a full time job; you may be enrolled in full time education and you may have a family to care for. Despite this, if you’ve made the decision to invest in the services of a mentor, you must ensure you have the time and organisation skills to do so

Additional benefits

Those who invest in the services of a mentor generally earn a great deal more than those who don’t. Even if this means having to juggle a busy social, home and career life to fit in with regular communications with your mentor, it’s a commitment certainly worth pursuing.

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