Meeting Skills Courses Create a Common Language among Teams


If you think that your company or your team wastes too much time in meetings, you’re not alone. Recent surveys show that two thirds of executives believe the meetings they hold are failures. Managers in the US spend 35% of their time in meetings, while higher-level executives spend half of their days in them. People often joke that meetings are a waste of time, but executives shouldn’t be laughing about their office’s poor meeting skills.

  • 15% of a company’s collective time is spent in meetings
  • 92% of people surveyed admitted to doing unrelated work during meetings
  • $338 is the cost of an average meeting

Companies lose hours and thousands of dollars in unproductive meetings. Nevertheless, businesses continue to hold more of them every year. Why do companies have such a hard time?

  • 63% of meetings are planned without an agenda in mind
  • Only 21% are information-sharing meetings
  • Only 5% are planned as brainstorming sessions

Businesses can turn around their failing meeting practices with meeting skills workshops. Executives, managers, project leaders, and team members can all become more effective by learning to plan and engage in meetings.

Teams struggling with good meeting practices will learn how to plan with an agenda, facilitate discussions, and reach real decisions when they enroll in a meeting skills workshop. Course leaders train participants to constructively deal with interpersonal problems in the group and to listen and engage with other attendees. Teams also learn to capture decisions and objectives determined in the meetings.

Meeting Skills Courses

Workshops tailored specifically to managers and project leaders focus on facilitating productive meetings. Team leaders learn to:

  • Set an agenda before meetings
  • Hold team members accountable for progress
  • Determine who needs to attend a meeting
  • Decide whether or not a meeting is necessary at all

A high impact meeting has clear ground rules for proceeding constructively and efficiently. It has a clear purpose that attendees agree is important. Minute takers record information for the entire group to use as reference materials later. Successful project leaders can facilitate discussion within a team and help a team reach its objectives.

Companies like Wavelength Communication Skills Training train teams to reduce wasted hours and improve engagement in meetings. Meetings with clear and stated purposes can become opportunities to share creative solutions and reach strategic decisions. Successful meetings:

  • Last 30 minutes or less
  • Stay focused on key objectives
  • Encourage discussion from all attendees
  • Capture action items

Wavelength Communication Skills Training offers workshops that energize meetings and build stronger working relationships within teams. Course facilitators help teams to create a common language they can use to trim down the length of meetings and make more decisions. Good planning leads to meetings that enable creative problem solving and greater productivity. Wavelength creates unique hybrids of its available courses depending on a company’s needs. In the past, they have blended high impact meeting workshops with courses on writing technical and business reports. Contact a communication skills training firm today and solve your company’s problem with meetings.

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