Is infrastructure important in evaluating top universities in UAE?


So, Dubai is turning into a coveted destination for international education. Given that you are reading this, we can safely assume that either you want to go to study in Dubai or have children you want to send to this city of the future. In fact, UAE is becoming the preferred place where international students can avail affordable quality education. The problem that many students face is selecting from amongst the top universities in UAE. In other words, there are numerous good quality universities that have set up their centers in UAE. However, not all of them can be termed as the best university in Dubai. There are various factors that distinguish one university from the others.


The question that arises, is the importance of infrastructure in making that selection. Put differently, is infrastructure an important consideration when selecting your university? Most students tend to focus on the faculty members or the location of the university, or its experience. However, they ignore the significance of infrastructure. Here are various aspects of a university’s infrastructure that can go a long way in enhancing your learning:

  1. Library: This is a no-brainer. We all know that a library is an extremely important part of an educational institute. You want to have access to books that can complement your overall education. However, modern day universities have gone one step further. These libraries are now even serving as computer centers as well as a quiet space for students to learn. You want to ensure that the library is state-of-the-art and has all the modern features and amenities.
  2. Classrooms: We all know that every educational institute is supposed to have multiple classrooms. However, what we are referring to are the amenities that are available in these classrooms. Let us think of this as one of the components that can enhance the delivery of a lecture. This will obviously include white-boards, projectors, computer screens, etc. However, some universities even have additional software on their computers that enhance learning. Some of these software tools are specifically created to simulate what students are learning. Moreover, videos can also be a good way of enhancing education for its students.
  3. Labs: Most universities need high quality and well equipped labs that can help students implement what they have studied. These labs are useful in ensuring that the students are confident about theory. Moreover, application of theory helps improve retention of what is taught.
  4. Entrepreneurship Cell: Many modern universities are creating entrepreneurship cells for students who want to pursue their dream of starting their own venture. This provides for space, infrastructure, as well as finances in some cases.

All these aspects are extremely imperative for your education as well as career.


Among the various top universities in UAE, BITS Pilani Dubai is highly recognized. Located in Dubai International Academic City, BITS Pilani is a high experienced and top-quality engineering university. It offers slick infrastructure that aids superior student education. More information about the university can be found on the website – –

Do you think that infrastructure is important when you are evaluating some of the top universities in UAE? This blog tells you more.

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