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Have you considered applying to a Caribbean medical school? Some U.S. medical schools have acceptance rates in the single digits, and they have to turn away plenty of qualified applicants. Alternatively, a nearby, offshore medical school, like Trinity School of Medicine, can take a more holistic approach to considering each applicant’s academic performance, MCAT scores, previous experience, and motivation for becoming a doctor. Do not pass up filling out a Caribbean medical school application.

The Offshore Medical School Application Process

Take a few moments to learn about the straightforward admissions process to Trinity School of Medicine:

  • MCAT scores: Trinity School of Medicine does require scores from this medical aptitude test. Unlike many other medical schools, an average or even a low MCAT score won’t automatically generate an admissions denial.
  • Technical standards: Because the practice of medicine demands a certain level of mental and physical fitness, students must evaluate themselves against the technical standards document, as they would for any other medical school.
  • Application process: You can either complete a handy application online or use an approved application service. In addition, you will need to release your MCAT scores, provide contact information for two references, and schedule a personal interview.

Don’t worry if you cannot travel to the school for an interview. Trinity School of Medicine deploys associate admissions directors all across North America for regional interviews. This interview is held early in the application process to give prospective students a chance to ask questions and to demonstrate their strengths in person.

Financing Caribbean Medical School

Naturally, attending medical school requires a large investment in time or money. Few people can afford to pay the bill out of their own pockets. To help, the medical school has relationships with a variety of lenders. In addition, students may qualify for scholarships and grants from the school or other sponsors. Some examples of qualifications for these scholarship and grant awards include prior military service, demonstrated leadership in a community either abroad or at home, or excellent scholarship during college.

Start Applying to Trinity School of Medicine

The sooner you begin applying to Trinity School of Medicine, the quicker you can start to plan for a career as an M.D. Find all of the relevant information and links right here on the Trinity School of Medicine application page. You are also welcome to send an email with specific questions about medical school or to request a contact from a local admissions director. Simply visit the contact page to get in touch.

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