How to Write a Brilliant Summary of an Essay


Very often young people face the necessity not only to read and memorize some information but also to summarize several articles varying from short essays to huge papers which should be represented in several lines of the text. Because of that, I wouldn’t think twice looking for someone to write my paper for cheap and order it at .  However, the main problem which students have to cope with is writing a brief summary of the learnt material. Maybe, you are the one who underestimates such college tasks and choose an inventive approach to writing. Take into account that summarizing is not that simple. According to statistics, students fall into the same trap again and again. Thus, there are some efficient tips for this type of work below.


The primary step in summarizing the material is surely reading. However, only a small part of students understand that it is not enough to simply read the essay in order to create a perfect brief summarization. It happens that young people waste hours on reading but do not get the main idea of the material or miss essential details.

The quick and simple solution to this problem is highlighting the most significant facts. Take a pen and underline the crucial concepts presented in the text. Thus, there will be no need to reread it thousands of times. The core of your summarizing will be ready thanks to this simple step. It is a pretty good idea to put down the main concepts of the essay you have just read. In this way, you will be able to recall these things even weeks later without missing anything important.


The typical mistakes which students make in summarizing the article are adding too many unimportant details which may be omitted, so the main sense will remain unchanged and clear. It is a huge mistake to create the summarization full of unnecessary words and sentences which do not carry the crucial meaning and cannot help the reader to understand the text. Keep in mind that generalization is an important stage in summarizing any type of writing. You should be able to shorten the text and reduce all minor things. It happens that several pages may be summed up in a few sentences if you find the primary ideas which the author tries to deliver in his or her essay.

Be Careful with Quotes

There are no doubts that quotes are important for most of the types of papers. At the same time, it is essential to be careful while citing anything from the original source in the summarization. The main purpose of such kind of work is presenting a paraphrased and shortened version of the material you read but not writing a new essay with references to this information. Sometimes numerous quotations make the summarization look wordy and meaningless. The reader will not be able to find out the main message of a particular article while reading such summarizing. It is better to avoid the direct quotations of the text and replace them with brief paraphrasing.

Follow the Particular Outline

Even if the teacher asks you to summarize a short and simple essay, it is crucial to create an outline before writing. In this way, it will be possible to reduce wordiness in your paper. Start with short and clear theses which reflect each of the paragraphs or chapters in the text. After completing the outline, you will only need to add several details, and the summarization will be completed. Try to create an adequate number of points in your outline. Do not make it too big as the size and length of your work should be as brief as possible.

All in all, the process of writing a summarization of an essay or book is not as simple as it seems to be. Often, college students get poor grades for such tasks and have no idea why it happens. The article demonstrates the most useful tips and hints which can help you to avoid mistakes and work productively. Do not forget to be equally attentive while writing both summarizing of a short article and a huge book.

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