How to select a great dissertation topic.


The dissertation is the most important assignment in a student’s academic career. Selecting a dissertation topic is a tricky task, but there are some key tips which can make the process of choosing a topic a lot easier.

This article will aim to highlight some things you can do in order to find the perfect dissertation topic.

Be brave but not idiotic (pragmatism)  –  According to UK essay writing service, the best type of dissertation topic is one that sits in between two former module areas. Normally a student will have a good understanding of both areas of former modules and will have had opportunities to see references on old assignments. A topic which links both of these together, but adds a fresh and new angle to the subject area can be a really good choice.

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If you have the past knowledge behind you from both of you old modules you can afford to be brave and inventive with your topic choice, and as long as you choose something that is not completely profound you will have found yourself a well-documented, well know but unique dissertation topic.

Never choose a topic with a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer – One of the beautiful things about the dissertation is that there doesn’t have to be a definitive answer. Your conclusion can strongly suggest something off of the evidence you collect but it doesn’t have to explicitly conclude anything at all! However, you would have to do this if you pick a topic with a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ question. This might put you in a very difficult situation later on, especially if you find yourself torn between both possible answers. ‘UK essay writing service’ puts it very simply- ‘no tutor wants to see a topic with a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ question and have their student conclude ‘maybe’’.

Be narrow but not too narrow– It is important to have a keen focus on how you are going to answer your dissertation topic. UK essay writing service suggests that tutors like to see topics that are focussed on an end goal and have a clean and clear start, finish and outcome. If your topic is too broad then it is likely that your argument will not be focussed and honed closely to a precise argument. This can cost you marks in the long run.

Think about the tutor- Though not directly related to choosing a topic, the dissertation supervisor you have is going to play a huge role in how you continue to feel about your topic. If you have a particular preference of tutor then perhaps choosing a topic where they have an area of expertise would be a good place to start. Writing a dissertation isn’t easy so why make it harder for yourself? Choosing a topic that no one in your faculty is a specialist in might just mean that you will have to do it all on your own. Whilst this might gain you respect if you manage to pull it off, you might not have the right support should you start to struggle.  This is not good.

I hope this article has put you at ease about how to choose a great dissertation topic.

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