It is often said that with the proverb ‘Content is King’ becoming outdated, the onus is on rich content to power the online content based warfare that every business is indulging in today. Today, the best of marketing content come from original thinkers and freelance writers who not only develop new approaches to the client brand, but also focus their content marketing skills on gaining high ROI and not just a greater number of page clicks. Welcome to the new age of content marketing wherein conversions are more important than getting the attention to your company’s page.


The All Important Selection Check-list

In fact, the checklist used to look for professional content writing services has undergone a drastic change in 2013. Experts at sites like are seeing emphasizing on customization, based on the client’s brand. This is in stark contrast to the general approach that had been used in the beginning of 2012. Today, you need to look out for a host of new factors in professionalism and focus, while selecting content marketing services. Here, is a quick look at the main aspects of new-age content marketing services that you must be able to find in the professional service that you hire to promote your brand online.

Clever Keyword Richness

Less is more holds good in the line of SEO marketing these days. Content that is original and full of integrity catches the eye of the random reader no matter how fast he is browsing. This has led to the new approach of rich content hat is devoid of unnecessary keyword repetition. Earlier on, writers were required to dish out marketing content that has the keyword density at a minimum of 8 percent. Today, the density has been brought down to 1 percent by many businesses, to ensure that the reader does not drift away due to excessive keyword loading in the article.


Although website content needs minimum SEO based keyword richness, the SEO performance of non-website content that includes social updates, articles, and blogs, can be well poised even in the absence of large number of keywords. Penguin and Panda updates ensure this happens.

Just Backlinks Are Outdated

Professional writers are required to focus on the client’s business objectives at a deeper level today. Therefore, if you thought that no mention of your company will be made in the content generated, you are thoroughly wrong. Direct mention of the client website has taken the place of efficient backlinks.

Business Interests Form the Core

Marketers have realized how important it is to lure people into knowledge based search for products. And this is definitely done keeping in mind the ROI that the business will experience. Website power definitely goes up with keyword richness, but its performance consistency falls in place only when there is regular traffic visiting the website.

In Conclusion

Businesses operating in any walk of life come across marketing problems and have to use solutions created by combining different original ideas based on philosophical thinking not just of the company’s marketers but also of supporting content marketing staff. Did you know that often, a company’s branding idea is hatched in the minds of the content marketer who is developing a tagline for the latest product-launch? As a result, many companies

With the social media frenzy keeping market alive with new products, you definitely need to ensure that your customers have something new to boast about to their friends, right?

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