How To Help Struggling Learners


We all know the saying of how education begins at home, every child starts their learning process with their parents at home. Then they move onto schools to further increase their knowledge. But here and now, some parents notice their child falling behind in certain subjects. Sometimes the reasons for this decline, maybe a physical sickness like loss of eyesight or hearing problems. If it’s nothing physical, a suitable doctor can help diagnose the source of the issue and eliminate it. If this doesn’t fix it, it is time for certain training strategies to change the way the student needs to be taught. Let us look at some of the techniques which can help struggling students to learn better.

  • Right environment: Having the right place to study is actually quite important as substandard alternatives will restrict the proper intake of information. Find a properly well lit and well-ventilated room with a table and chair. The main aspect this place should offer is a distraction-free zone where you can hone your skills and knowledge. As learning topics, the periodic table wouldn’t be easy while trying to figure out who is going to score in that match on TV.

  • Support: Whenever the teacher asks if anyone has a doubt during a class, no one will actually ask one in front of the whole class. To really help solve a student’s doubt, teachers require a more personalized approach. By performing timely assignments for evaluation and grouping a student with a “Study Buddy” can help students to get more support while learning. Parents can also offer their support and sometimes even provide private tutors to help their children learn.

  • Conveying Concepts: Not all students are the same and a classroom is a place with children with a variety of modalities. Thus, the teaching pattern needs to be accommodating enough to convey concepts to all the right kinds of techniques. Not all students can learn effectively from lectures, they require more visual cues like pictures, videos and more to understand the topic. Some prefer the audio cues like recordings, audio clips, and discussion. Thus make sure to incorporate the best of all scenarios.

  • Implementing efficient instructions: Asking a student struggling with a topic of nomenclature of organic compounds to study it for a long time is obviously a bad idea. Take breaks, let the student’s brain reset, reboot and process the information. Enforce a teaching strategy wherein students revise frequently. This will help the topic to imprint multiple times in the memory and form a stronger impression. Another strategy would be to go against data cramming. Take time to cover the topic, don’t be hasty.

Thus, here we have discussed some of the many ways by which struggling students can be helped to learn better. For more tips and tricks to optimize your skills, take part in our Chemistry Discussionor check out our YouTube channel –

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