How to Find Top BCA Colleges in Delhi NCR


It becomes a difficult question, when a student completes twelfth, what course he should pursue. Considering the various segments of opportunities available in the Information Technology sector and vast number of Multi-National Companies and their fat pay checks, getting an engineering degree in Computer science or Information Technology is highly lucrative. But everyone wouldn’t be happy to write an entrance exam and would go for an engineering degree. For them, a new door is open, which is BCA, Bachelor of Computer Application. It is a 3-year graduation course that is mostly conducted by regular colleges. It is considered as a passport to vast IT industry. Here, we can discuss more about this course, its opportunities and top BCA colleges in NCR.

Bachelor of Computer Application, typically designed to open the computing courses to students, would cover basic computer languages and make students to get into IT industry. Though different universities follow different syllabus, all of them would include the basic programming languages like C, C++, Java etc., and introduces different data bases to the students. The course also mostly covers web programming, network programming and network management. As it is mentioned earlier, the duration of this course is 3 years and would mostly be divided into 6 semesters with each semester spanning 6 months. Moreover this course can be considered as economical as the colleges charge minimal fees comparing to an engineering degree expenses and students have more freedom in choosing their colleges by considering affordability, accessibility, quality etc. Hence, a BCA degree at one of the top BCA colleges in NCR is a great option for students after their higher secondary examination.

Considering the fact that many of the IT companies are looking for core programmers, students have high chances to get selected in campus placement, upon completion of the course. Industry majors like TCS, Wipro, HCL, Accenture, IBM etc., recruit from campuses to their core teams. The average salary given by these companies are 3 lakhs/annum. This is a great sum at a younger age. Also there are many government departments, banks and corporations recruiting computer science background people as technical engineers, technical assistants, network engineers etc. Again, students have option to go for higher studies, short term courses to enhance their skillset and lands into specific jobs with a better pay check. Considering the diverse fields in IT industry, it is always encouraged to go for specific courses to achieve big, considering a basic course like BCA is very essential, as it works as the foundation.

Choosing the right college is very important, when the course is more or less same everywhere. Not all the colleges are providing campus placement. Look for the reviews about the colleges, reputation, course structure, fees, campus placement record, faculty etc., and make your own decision to choose one of the reputed colleges in Delhi. If you are still confused , it could be worthwhile referring the rankings like Top BCA colleges in NCR by industry experts, major magazines etc. Students can check with alumni of the college to understand how the course shaped their career and get their feedback and advices. Students can also create their own table on Top BCA colleges in NCR and get different inputs from different sources, facts about the colleges, compare, evaluate and make a final call. It is always better to do an analysis before jumping into conclusion. I am sure, if you consider the above mentioned factors, you will land in a reputed college of your choice in Delhi.

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