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Tutors are an excellent choice for both young people and adults, looking to learn new subjects or seeking supplementary help with their schooling. Hiring a tutor online can prove difficult, purely because of the sheer number of options available. There are now also hundreds of tutor databases online, that let you view reviews and hire directly through them. This does help facilitate the process, although it can add to the overwhelming amount of choice you face when hiring. Below we outline convenient ways for you to find, and subsequently hire the perfect tutor.

The first step to hiring a tutor should be to create a short list of your expectations. Think about the following questions:  How qualified do you expect your tutor to be? Is it experience or formal credentials that take precedence in your opinion? How much are you willing to pay per hour? And how many hours per week or month are you expecting? Once you establish exactly what it is you need, you can then begin your search.

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The internet is, of course, a great place to search for tutoring services. However, prior to you turning to Google, it may be worth consulting a local school or college. Many teachers offer tutoring services through the school, or advertise their services through educational bulletins in offices. This is a more reliable way to find a highly qualified professional, that has also been subject to background checks and searches, which is particularly useful if you’re searching for your child.

If you choose to use the internet to search for a tutor, then this is a perfectly viable option, and there are a number of ways for you to use the internet to your advantage. You can hire a tutor through a service, which is usually more reliable, although you may incur a higher price due to fees. You can also search Craigslist or other listing websites, in order to find private tutor who may be advertising their services alone. There is always a risk associated with this, however if you check for references and discuss with them at length, then you may be able to find a perfectly reliable tutor this way too.

Prior to hiring, you should first discuss fees. This is a business transaction, and as with any dealing, you are perfectly within your rights to negotiate. You should look to other companies and find an average price, so you know the bounds within you can negotiate. Once you find a service or tutor who is reliable, affordable and qualified- you should actively seek to hire them. This can be done either online or using a written contract.

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