Find an MBA Program as Versatile and Flexible as You Are


Pursuing an MBA or Master of Business Administration program represents a significant investment in your future, and it proves that you have set your sights on success. This is because it improves your opportunity to obtain your dream job in business or finance because it improves your qualifications for a wide variety of jobs in the world of business (on Bay Street and far, far beyond). Canada’s best business schools recognize that they function, in many ways, as the gatekeepers of your future and this means that they now embrace a holistic teaching approach to the MBA experience, offering a course-load that radically improves your team management and leadership skills while providing you with a foundational understanding of business, administration, and finance.

Flexibility and versatility are hallmarks of top Canadian business schools, allowing students to organize a curriculum that best suits their particular interests in finance, entrepreneurship, management, economics, non-profit, accounting, and more. No matter how your degree is structured, you should be aware that an MBA Diploma hanging from your wall means that you’ve earned a credential that’s recognized around the world. An MBA is a major investment, and so you should be sure that your school will offer you a structure that suits your individual needs. For busy people with demanding careers, MBA programs can also be pursued on weekends and evenings in part-time capacities, allowing you to juggle a home, family, job, and other commitments while continuing to accelerate your career.

Gauging the program flexibility of a university is often as simple a task as checking the testimonial page on a university’s website. If you peruse the success stories on the Wilfrid Laurier University testimonials page, for instance, you’ll find a number of informative and inspiring quotes from recent grads. Each alumni discusses why they chose Laurier, what they gained from their experience, and how they have applied these skills directly at their workplaces. Anna Notis, Manager of Accounting and Financial Reporting at Kinetic Concepts, for example, explains why she chose Laurier’s MBA program above all others. “I chose Laurier mainly because of the part-time MBA/CMA joint program. I liked the flexibility in being able to work full time and have alternate weekends off. Laurier also has a great reputation for its business school and the idea of smaller class sizes appealed to me. If you are looking for a school that cares about you as a person and encourages and promotes learning, then this is the school for you.”

This kind of positive promotion can’t be attained any other way except through diligent care for students and their educational experience. Notis explains that her positive experience came from a more human approach to learning. “It’s not just about passing a test, but really understanding the concept and applying it to what happens at work on a daily basis. The Laurier School of Business does an excellent job in training future leaders. The curriculum touches on all aspects a typical business/organization will face and shows you real world examples of how to solve them. There is no cookie cutter solution taught here.”

Each individual featured on the Laurier MBA website touches on why it’s not only important to earn an MBA in general, but also why Laurier’s MBA had a positive impact on his or her career, and expounds upon the exclusive opportunities it provided them. These testimonials show what each graduate enjoyed most about their personal experience, and why they would certainly recommend the Laurier MBA degree program to a peer in pursuit of similar goals. . If you’re looking for a reputable and flexible MBA degree program, visit the Laurier MBA website to find the best Canadian MBA programs for you. Your future career is waiting; take it from those who have already gone before you and make sure you don’t let it pass you by.

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