As human beings, we are gifted with the able to think and find a reason for all the happenings that are taking place around us. But many of us hardly give it a thought that how do we develop this ability to think? The way our brain processes the information that is gathered from the world around us is known as cognitive functioning. It is every human being’s ability to process thoughts and primarily refers to our ability to learn new information, speech, understand written material and memory. These cognitive skills are developed in early childhood. Hence, as parents make sure that the cognitive skills in children are properly developed if it is proved from their behaviour that they are not showing developments as per the age.


As parents you can definitely do your bit to get things right. But often only trying from your end is not enough. So what you can do in such cases is get some professional guidance. Professional guidance here refers to mentors or cognitive skills training providers who will work upon the skills in which your children shows weakness in.

Developing cognitive skills in children from the early childhood is a must. This is because this is the time when the brain can be trained well to receive and process information correctly. This is the stage when the parents and the mentors can rectify the wrong conceptions of their children. For example, helping them understand the difference between a cat and a dog as to most children both might appear to be same (due to the Assimilation of information, a stage in their cognitive learning process).

That is why there are training centres for enhancing cognitive skills in children. These are centres where through interactive modules including games, puzzles and worksheets the cognitive skill not developed enough in your child is sharpened. The result? Your child learns step by step how to face the tough challenges of the world.

Training mentors associated with centres focusing on the development of cognitive skills in children takes a very methodical approach. What they do is prepare a cognitive profile of your child that focuses on three main areas. The following are the three specific areas that are focused upon:   

  • Visual discrimination- To be observant and careful with details
  • Visual memory- To retain and retrieve information seen previously
  • Auditory Attention- To be focused and be able to concentrate on tasks

These three are the main cognitive skills in children that needs to be developed from the early ages so that your child can perform well beyond the classroom. Perfect cognitive functioning is very important for your child to be able to reason, receive, process, digest, judge and apply information.

Faster things are brought to light, the better in case your child shows signs of under developed cognitive skills. As parents it is your responsibility to get your child prepared for the competitive world. Provide them the edge that is needed.

Jessica Sarah

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