Creating a Whole New World with Animation Studies


The games like Temple Run and Subway Surfer would not have made it to this height had it not been for their uniquely designed graphics and the animation that they have to offer. Ever since the world has become computer and multimedia centralized, animation has been soaring new heights. It is one of the most important fields in the field of multimedia studies and is pursued by a lot of people.

  • Animation is an art- you don’t learn it; you just create it.

All those animation workshops held in school attracted the major attention of the students. It has been very popular among youngsters. Colleges, High schools, and community organizations usually organize animation courses or workshops many a times. That is where youngsters get their first exposure to the world of animation.

In general, there are no qualifications or degrees require for animation programs as a child who loves gaming and fiction can do it better than many adults, but some animation and media studios may ask students to have completed a basic computer course.

  • Where to study Animation?

The  study centers that offer the field of animation studies as a course.  The better institute you choose for yourself, the more exposure and quality training you will get. The fee is a bit high since the study is very demanding and training an individual for the same is very complicated as well since no two people have the same type of brain.

There are various online learning institutes for animation courses as well. For people who can not give a particular time, it is better to go for online courses. These cost lesser as compared to the regular classes and are more like a distance learning program.

Online learning, however, can only be done if you have all the basic hardware and software, which are required for the purpose of animation.

  • The Curriculum

Animation program’s syllabus combines general knowledge and awareness of the subject and plenty of practical animation tasks and projects such as an internship for a firm or company. As it is very clear, the practical knowledge is what really matters when it comes to subjects like web designing and animation. The more experience you have about the practical work, the more beneficial it will be for your career.

  • Different Animation Courses

The animation is a varied field of study and an individual is required to choose to depend on his field of interest. All these fields are equally important and interesting at the same time. Some of the elements of animation to name are:

  1. 2 Dimensional Animation.
  2. Storyboarding for Animation.
  3. 3 Dimensional Animation
  4. Computer Animation
  5. The animation throughout History.

With the advent of World Wide Web, media and software, animation too has gradually taken a new form. More and more people pursue it as a career now and the demand for animators has also increased owing to the need of new applications and games, various movie animations and what not, almost every multimedia field does need a department of animation.

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