Cleaning up your educational institute after water damage


When any educational institute has been flooded with water, it can cause immense problems top of which are mold production, damage to almost all the items and the infrastructure. You need to contact your insurance company to get an estimate of your loss and the costs that will be incurred in the restoration process. You need to analyze in detail which items can be restored and which ones need to be disposed off and replaced. A careful analysis is required that will help you getting your insurance claims. The insurance company will need all the proofs while reimbursing you so keep the pictures of the items to help you in future. Flooding cleanup companies Georgia are always here to help you in the cleanup process.

You can restore things that have faced little damage but there is no use to keeping the fully damaged items. They will just take extra space in your basement. Another problem caused by these extra items lying in your basement is the fungus production and health related issues caused by them. So, it is better to just dispose of these damaged products.

You need to clean and scrub all the walls, ceilings, furniture and utensils in the cafeteria with disinfectants. You can make the use of chlorine as it acts as a good disinfectant. All the drawers and cupboards should be dry before placing items inside them. The carpets and lab equipment should be removed and dried thoroughly. If the furniture is still inside, it will swell up that will make it difficult to close the drawers and closets. They will eventually break off increasing the costs further. If it is summer season, you can open the windows of the institute allowing air to ventilate and dry it out completely. You can always contact flooding cleanup companies Georgia to assist you in the cleaning process.

All the important documents should be cleaned with great care. If the humidity is still there, it will damage them all making them of no use. Once properly cleaned and dried, laminate all these documents for protection in the future. Books, laboratory instruments, swings, play areas and sports equipment must be dried out fully. Care should be taken while cleaning the play grounds as carelessness may cause damage to children’s health. If swings are not properly dried out, they will start rusting. These rusted swings may break later causing harm to children.

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