Career opportunities in the field of mutual fund


In this financial world mutual fund is one of the boon for investors, it plays major role in the capital market. What is mutual fund? It is generally called as professionally managed form of collective investments, which collects money from different investors.

This article will greatly helps you to know different types of job opportunities in each department of mutual fund. The below are most important position in this field

  • Fund management
  • Operations
  • Marketing

Fund management:

Fund manager plays a major role; he decides about the investments for example money received from the investor. Manager used to calculate the gain and loss and collect the interest. For this job the person who is keen in economic analysis is required. Professionals from economics, finance, mathematics, financial analysts, MBA in finance and statistics can apply for this post. In this competitive world financial analyst and statistic manager are in huge demand. The average pay package for those professionals may be from 3L to 6L PA.


The person who is responsible for holding and safeguarding the securities owned   by mutual fund can be eligible to apply for this post. He is also responsible for all the transactions and maintaining records. The package for these professionals may be around 90k to 1.2L P.A.


The person working in the department of marketing in the field of mutual fund is responsible for reaching the retail investors and provides them with the details about different schemes and extensive marketing.

Candidates who have completed business development management, relationship management are eligible for this job, because they can easily communicate with investors and build a strong customer relationship. The pay scale may be around 1.5L to 2LP.a.

Certification exam to get your dream job

National institute of security marketing is an online test system which helps to test the candidate’s level. The certificates are awarded based on relative merits. This exam has different modules. You need to select the one that suits your interest. The certificate remains valid for five years. Thos certificate is an additional advantage while searching jobs in the field of mutual fund.

This certification course can be taken by anybody who is interested to do it. When it comes to age there is no restriction. This is test an automated online examination which is conducted on computer. There is no need to be a computer operator to take this online test.

In the field of mutual fund there are plenty of job opportunities and has major scope in today’s technological world. Before you are going to attend this NISM exam, it is must to spend some time on learning some basics in the field of mutual fund; this will be very helpful for you to get good grades in this certification exam. You can also get NISM model question paper online, with the help of that you can easily clear the exam and get your dream job in bank or MNC or in any financial institutes.

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