When administered properly, standard examinations like the globally recognized law school admission test (LSAT) provide an accurate portrayal of your and other students’ understanding of specific areas of study. Yet, developed equitably or not, if you’re like some students, testing well might not come easily.

You might freeze up when taking tests, or you might feel anxious. Fact is, worrying about your test scores could make the actual process of answering questions challenging. As Science Daily shares, “How well we learn depends on genetic aspects, the individual brain anatomy, and, not least, on attention.”



The state the brain is in prior to studying material like facts and data found in LSAT prep courses as well as the state the brain is in while studying have been found to play a role in how well you’ll retain what you study. Specifically, ” A high level of alpha activity counts as a marker of the readiness of the brain to exploit new incoming information. Conversely, a strong decrease of alpha activity during sensory stimulation counts as an indicator that the brain processes stimuli particularly efficiently.”

In order for LSAT prep courses to help you earn higher scores on the LSAT exam take a few minutes to relax before reading or watching the material. Intake the study materials using a combination of methods.

This means you’ll read, work with study partners, watch videos and listen to audio tapes while completing LSAT prep courses. If you’ve already taken the LSAT exam, spend more time studying areas you previously scored low on. Also, rather than simply reading the material, actually test yourself when taking exams that are a part of LSAT prep courses.

Get out of the habit of checking how well you answered each question as you work your way through the hundreds of prep tests that come with the courses. The more you create an environment that resembles the actual exam environments while studying, the better. This could reduce the nervousness and anxiety you feel when you arrive at the actual testing site weeks or months from now.

Another way completing LSAT prep courses could help you score higher on the actual exam is to by taking prep courses that were developed by law school professors or practicing attorneys. When taking online prep courses, check to see that instructors have been teaching online courses for three months or longer. Just as the state the brain is in prior to studying impacts how well you retain study materials, the way materials are taught also impacts how well you retain the information.

Also, if you do earn a low score, contact the developer of the prep courses and ask if you can get an extension on access to the study materials. However, these and the above tips won’t help you much if you don’t set aside enough time to complete the course material. Some instructors advise giving yourself at least three months to work your way through the prep courses.

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