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Summer camp like never before at Park Slope. Summer camps had always been a special part of our life; it’s time to give the same joy and happiness. In addition children not only have fun but they also learn new things in a joyful manner. All work and no play will make jack a dull boy; goes the saying. Summer camp at Park Slop is the best option for turning all idle children into ideal ones.

Is camping necessary?

Camping is the best thing that can happen to a child. Today’s generation involves itself in technologies rather than in relationships. Friends and family are the most essential for a child’s future. At summer camps Park Slope children learn to bond with one another to make friendship, learn team work, learn to adjust with what they have and above all they learn to share things.

At Park Slope

We provide various activities which involves each and every child of the camp. Separate activities are available for varying age groups. Activities include pottery assisted by skilled personalities, cooking without fire to find the master chefs within; character parties where children learn to make their own party wears with due safety, swimming hours under the aid of trained escorts. Above all at Park Slope we offer some extraordinary adventurous activities right from wall climbing, jet skiing, to archery, gymnastics and so on along with nutritional diet.

Is it safe?

The first and foremost question that might arise within each and every parent is whether it is safe or not. Cleanliness has always been our top priority, nutritional food referred and prescribed by leading nutritionists. Swimming pools are maintained with care and undergo periodic cleaning. The word adventure can always create a fear within; at Park Slope summer camp we promise you the utmost safety for your children.

Is it affordable?

You never have to pay a penny more than you ought to. Our prices are the cheapest and affordable one could get. We also provide special offers for every added sibling.


Your child will always find a room for increasing his/her ability, as we provide several other extra opportunities. There are language classes for Hebrew, Spanish, Russian, etc. Art classes are supreme attraction of our camping. We have professional art teachers who put in their fullest effort to find the Picasa within your child. Not just the art teacher, but each and every teacher of Park Slope is the best in their respective journals. We promise to offer the best of best things under one roof in our Park Slope summer camp. At the Park Slope summer camp, we will find the hidden talent of each and every child.
Cultural programs

Will there be fun without cultural activities, a definite no!! The children will be exposed to dance, western to free style dancing, free fancy dress, like a summer Halloween, drama, the most dramatic way possible, yoga, meditation will improve your child’s memory power and concentration and many more. Get ready to find the talent within your child at Park Slope Summer Camp!!


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