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The journey of preparing for any competitive exam is riddled with many decisions. What to study? When to study? How to study? Should I opt for an online or offline course? Do I need to take mock tests? What about JEE Main Test series – are they necessary? This list can be virtually endless. Here is the thing about competitive exams like the JEE – no matter how well you think you have performed, you can reach your desired goal only if you perform better than most other students.

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We are not trying to scare you but reinforce the thought that while preparing for JEE Main, you will have to leave no stone unturned to ensure that you reach where you set out to. In this article, we will not provide a list of the best JEE Main Test Series because honestly, we feel that ‘best’, is a matter of perspective. Instead, we will provide some guidelines which will help you find the best test series for yourself.

Typically, students look for test series for the JEE Main exam at two times – either when they start preparing for the exam or a couple of months before the examination date.

Finding the best JEE Main Test Series

There are many names that you will come across once you start researching about JEE Main test Series. While one student would be all praises for FIITJEE, some other student would not want you to enroll with anyone but Resonance. Funnily though, they are both right and wrong at the same time.

Right because the test series worked for them, hence they feel it would work for everyone. Wrong because what works for them might not work for you. In order to help you find the one that would work for you, here are three important aspects that you must consider:

Your Aptitude in Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry

We are not talking about intelligence levels here or the marks scored on class XI or XII. We are specifically referring to aptitude. To make it clear, aptitude, by definition, is the knack or natural ability to do something. This is important because if you are relatively weak in these subjects, then you might want to start with a test series which helps you improve in your weak areas. On the other hand, if you are relatively good at these subjects, then you can opt for a tougher test series which helps you build on your strengths.

Your current location

Let’s say that you reside in a city which has many coaching institutes offering courses and test series to JEE aspirants. For that matter, you might already be enrolled with one of them. If that is the case, then you must look for a test series where you can approach the teachers and guides and seek guidance from them after the tests. However, if you are in a remote location or in a place which does not have many coaching institutes around, then you need to look for Online JEE Main Test Series.

Your level of confidence

This is one of the most important aspects. The idea of enrolling for a test series is that it would help you gain confidence and identify your weaknesses and strengths. However, if you appear for a really tough test series, then it might end up doing more damage than good. Think about it, if you score very bad in a test series, don’t you think it will demotivate you?

Talk to a mentor or a guide (if you are physically approaching an institute for the test series). Ensure that you gauge your level of confidence well and choose a test series with the right difficulty level.

Apart from these factors, you might also want to consider costs. Test series are available at different rates and in different packages. Research well and find one that suits your budget.

Some additional tips

Remember, a test series will test your knowledge in the subjects. We recommend you to also solve some previous years’ question papers with the JEE Main Answer Key.

Also, you can enroll in a JEE Main test series before starting your preparation. Use the knowledge that you have assimilated over the years of academic education and see how you fare. Don’t expect miraculous results (since you have not started preparation yet). Once you get the results, sit down and analyze your performance. Which topics did you do good in and which ones you had no clue about?

Create a list of your strengths and weaknesses using this analysis. Now, create a study plan where you work on your weaknesses first. Start from the basics/concepts and slowly but surely move towards the more advanced topics. Even if you have to go back to class VIII textbook, do it!

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As you get better in these topics, start building on your strong areas as well. These will eventually help you score in the exam. Work according to plan and try to get through the entire syllabus once. As soon as you are done, appear for a test series or mock test to assess how much you have improved. Analyze your performance and create a new study plan now which helps you improve your score further.


JEE Main test series are critical to your success in the exam. Use it wisely and weave it along with your study plan to approach the syllabus strategically. Remember, Rome was not built in a day. Even if you are weak in all three subjects, given enough time and well thought over study plan can help you get a seat with your desired institute and branch. Good Luck!

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