Benefits of Studying Abroad


If you have never considered studying abroad or have wondered whether it is for you, you should know it has rewards that go way beyond those you receive by studying at a local college. Here are six benefits of taking your studies on a global tour.

Personal Connections

When you are placed in a new environment so far from home, it is easy to form close connections to those with whom you live or spend time while there. If you live with a host family, they will often become an important part of your life. The friends you study and explore your new region with will share a multitude of new experiences with you, which can create strong bonds that result in lifetime friendships.

Language Skills

There is no better way to learn or polish a foreign language than to be fully immersed in it. Communicating with people who have learned it as a first language, speaking it daily, and being exposed to dialects and local slang can help you exponentially in acquiring a strong grasp on the language.

Experience a New Culture

This can encompass everything from new foods to dance and cultural traditions. You get to see first-hand how people relate to one another and the celebrations that take place. Engage in local customs to get a deeper understanding of religious observances and beliefs. Studying includes much more than what you find in books. It can take you on a spiritual journey as well; allowing you to experience the way of life in a region like you could never learn about it from reading alone.

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Expand Horizons

The saying “you don’t know what you don’t know” is no better proven than when you spend time abroad and learn of activities and traditions that would not have been brought to your attention otherwise. You will have the opportunity to find hidden talents within yourself or find new hobbies that would have remained undiscovered had you not pushed yourself to explore the pursuits and interests prevalent in another part of the world.

School and Career

If you consider furthering your education with grad school, keep in mind how a stint studying abroad will look to the admissions board. It shows that you are willing to challenge yourself and go into the unknown to increase your experiences.

When seeking a job, career opportunities may be opened up for similar reasons. Employers are often impressed with applicants who have been willing to engage in such a big undertaking and willing to immerse themselves into a new culture. The skills you acquire while studying abroad may also be beneficial to the type of work you are looking to procure.


While traveling to your schooling destination is a big part of studying Abroad, you will undoubtedly get to enjoy day trips and short-term travel in a part of the world you would never otherwise get to see. A weekend getaway or excursion away from your host city can provide an even more expansive travel repertoire, adding depth to your cultural, spiritual, and academic understanding of the country.

The benefits of studying abroad are immeasurable. Research countries or regions that interest you, then make the world your classroom.

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