Being an Entrepreneur: Healthy Advice for a Good Start


The amount of tasks that an entrepreneur has to be able to perform on a daily basis  are immense. Even if you’re able to count on the help of an assistant, keeping a constant overview over a manifold processes is vital to develop your business. You have to become a person that works with lists, advanced software, powerful equipment and of course you have to be able to spread this spirit of discipline and diligence throughout your organization. Be clean and be tidy, invest wisely as you expand in a lean, clean and careful way. It is like testing the ice before you walk on it because once you fall in it is hard to get out of chaotic organization. You will not have any time to clean and sharpen your axe as you hack away at your projects- weighed down by pressure, deadlines, bills and fixed costs.

Gain Clients: Direct Communication Beats Awareness Marketing

The passive marketing methods are rather expensive and you can never get as much feedback as through direct interaction with potential customers. If you know your customer very well you can always offer them something that will generate a profit for them. It is therefore unnecessary to be shy when it comes to researching their contact information and giving them a cold call, offering them the opportunity to obtainin something of real value for their business. Other ways to please your clients and soften them up a little before the sale is to expend a lot of useful information hand-tailored to their business. The worst that can happen is that you don’t get a lot of feedback but you will have learned something about their industry. Why not go and take all that intelligently researched and meticulously analyzed know-how straight to their competition and pitch your wonderful solutions elsewhere? Make it their own loss not to have worked with you.


USP Business Model Advice: Accumulate Mass

When I was doing search engine optimization for my tax accountant one day I noticed that for Google these days it can be enough to simply have a huge amount of well-written and informative content (we’re talking +70.000 words) on your site and a very small set of regional back links to be ranking very competitively. Mix this with a certain amount of references and your website will become a good source of new leads.

As you develop your company, be sure to create content pieces and records that will help you later: Libraries of articles, photography, graphic designs, software tools, audio files, templates, tables of research and excel functions and all your drafts and mind maps. They all can be wonderful content for certain people out there if they are refined enough. They also work as prop material to build new content off of them.

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