Advice for Thai Students – Four Easy Steps to Studying Abroad


A lot of students, especially the students today, have a wish or hope of going abroad to do their higher studies. There is nothing as wonderful as travelling, by travelling and visiting a different place you tend to open your mind and discover yourself. Being a student residing in a foreign country is proof of this. International residential students thrive in their host countries as they are bursting with energy to live up to the pace of the students at the university. An international student has a more self-defined and instinctive path to life. He is all about self-discovery. It is said that you tend to learn a lot more when you do things on your own.

One of the many dreams of young achievers in Thailand is to go to an overseas university. Going abroad will not only develop your skills in many fields, but also help you to understand the ways of other lands. You get a touch of their culture and how they are in general. The experience of going to another country is what multinational companies are looking for these days. They want experienced fresher’s who can handle themselves in all situation whether risky or not. If you are one of them who believe that life is nothing without taking risks then this is an option just for you. But, before you start applying to university abroad and make plans, there are a few things that need to be done to realize your dreams.

Here are the four steps that you need to follow if you are looking to study abroad in an international university –

Assess your Options

Before you go about finding a college for yourself, you need to define your objective clearly. Know the reason why you want to study abroad. You need to decide the kind of experience that you are looking for. With thousands of different programmes available around the world, it can be a little difficult to pick the right one. Thus, it is best to make a rough selection of the programs and the universities that you might be interested in. It is important not to limit yourself to only a few countries. You also need to check that the courses you have selected will lead you to become what you want to do with your life. Since one of the reasons to study abroad is to enhance your career prospects, it is important to make sure that the program and the university you pick will help you secure better jobs once you have passed from the university a few years down the line.

Book an appointment with Education Counsellor

To find more information about the different study program, you need to make sure that you meet with a counselor who can not only provide you with relevant information about the courses and universities but also answer any queries that you might have. It is essential that you schedule a visit to an education counselor for advice and to help you select the best course for study abroad. They can help you narrow down your options and identify programs that will best suit you. The counselor should also be able to provide you information about the city, accommodation options, financing options and other practical tips that will help you study abroad.

Get Professional Help with your Application

Once you have selected your desired course and university, you need to check the entry requirement of the course, or you will be wasting your time. You will need to apply to those effectively to increase your chances of being accepted. The education counselor can help you get all the required documents in place so that you do not miss any study opportunity because some important documents might be missing or you have missed the deadline to submit your application. Thai students are also required to take a few tests to be eligible for universities abroad. Make sure that you ask your counselor about the exams and the ways to score high on these tests. Once you have informed of your acceptance, you need to start preparing for completing the acceptance materials. It is important to review and keep a note of all the payments and registration deadline and instructions carefully. You can seek the help of the counselor if this seems too much for you. You also need to check the visa process and prepare your visa application in advance as many universities will need you to show the funds for a specific period to be eligible for a student visa. One should not shy away from taking the help of an expert in the industry to make sure that the entire application process goes smoothly.

Start Packing and Leave for your Program Abroad

Before you leave for your study abroad program, you should read about the general student travel and safety information about the host country and any general information that you might need. You should also know your responsibilities as a student there. There are many other things that you need to take care of. You need to check and buy the best insurance, do your medicals, purchase foreign currency, open a bank account and more. It is important to book your ticket as soon as you receive your visa to avoid any rush.

Studying in a foreign country is a rewarding experience. Learning about people and their culture on a practical basis is something that many people would die for. Being amidst others helps you to respect them and yourself. You also start to share knowledge with your contemporaries. You get to widen your horizon of knowledge. By doing so, you not only attract good offers but also have the ability to work anywhere in the entire world. By taking up an admission in an international university and being an international student, you not only secure your future but also contribute something to their country. This is a little step in leaving your mark on this world.

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