Clear presentation and structure, excellent subject knowledge, originality and imagination and using secondary sources with depth and knowledge are normally the criteria used to judge essays. It helps in getting a professional approach in writing the essays with a better lure. So before one starts writing an essay it’s important to understand what the reader is looking for and to avoid some mistakes

Hence the first point in “writing an essay first aid kit” would be to ask questions like:

1) Who is the audience for the essay (e.g. lecturer, fellow students etc)

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followed by

2) What i.e. to understand the topic, the context for discussion and what outcome one would like from writing the essay. And then comes

3) Brainstorming, Generation of ideas and Collection of information from primary & secondary sources along with which one should take

4) Brief notes which aim to capture main concepts and ideas. The purpose should be to understand the information while keeping the essay in mind, so as to help stay to the point and gather relevant data. As one goes along making notes, one has to keep



5) References and Citations of information gathered from sources like books websites etc, which would help the reader look up the material if required and avoid plagiarism by acknowledging the work of others. Then the

6) Planning and outlining of the essay structure is required. It should be written in a language which would be easy to understand and should ideally start with:

A) General Introduction or Thesis, followed by

B) To the point description, analysis or arguments on the topic in clear precise words and finally it has to be followed by a

C) Conclusion or summing up (review of thesis, general findings and implications) and last but not the least one has to give citations or references if any.

Finally one has to hand over the work after proof reading it thoroughly, and checking whether one has used poor grammar, punctuation & spelling, whether any irrelevant material or information has been used or any vague terms or information not supported by evidence used.

Some common mistakes the writing an essay first-aid kit should advise avoiding are the use of jargons and similar words that can make the essay informal. An essay should not be peppered with words as it causes repetition and looks really unprofessional. Such

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words need to be taken care of when writing the perfect essay on various topics. You don’t have to be a professional in writing an essay. You just have to know the basics of grammar to avoid the contradictions. A little bit of imagination and creativity is also important to have an alluring essay to be read out.

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