4 Essential Criteria and Guidelines to Participate for the Cundill Prize


The aim for any author to write a book is to make the story available to readers. It may be just a story, a fictional journey, a murder mystery or a historical representation of past events. Now there are a number of ways to make the book available to the population. This includes a good publication house, proper promoting and branding of the book. Appreciation is something that does not come easily and if ever validated by any prestigious platform then it becomes easy for the author to connect and satisfy his desired reader base.

The Significance of the Cundill Platform

Stories can be made up, but history can only be represented and a true historical representation lies in the eyes of an author who can emphasize the importance of authentic objective research that will bring out the facts and the tales behind them. And when such representation is honored with recognition and appreciation, it is a moment to cherish. A platform to promote literary achievement in history, the Cundill prize was started by Peter Cundill in 2008, who wanted to promote the academic achievement of any individual from any country and nationality who have published a book that have had a profound effect on the arena of history.

Eligibility Criterion and General Instructions

The eligibility criterion is simple and as follows.

  1. The author needs to have published a book in English or in any other language that has been translated to English.
  2. In order to be eligible for the current year of 2015, the book needs to have been published within June 1 2013 to May 31 2014.
  3. The individual who is bestowed with this honor is chosen by five esteemed internationally acclaimed academicians or editors and authors have a vast and comprehensive knowledge about literature and history.
  4. The selection of the jury is done by the university and the time period of each jury member is for two years.

The present jury includes Anthony Cary who is a British commissioner of the Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan. An English major from the Oxford University and an MBA graduate from the Stanford Business School, Anthony has been a part of the Policy Planning Staff, European Union Department and many more prestigious platforms. Having an extensive knowledge of historical events and facts, Anthony is a perfect jury member to recognize the talent that has impacted the historical literary society.

The Cundill prize is a dedicated platform for appreciating history and its beautiful representation in the pages of classic and contemporary historical books.

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